CERN Search index tools - initial public release available

Dear CERN Drupal users,

We would like to announce immediate availability of 'CERN Search index tools' module for all Drupal hosted sites.

This module allows to index Drupal content in CERN Search service ( in a structured way and together with already available 'CERN Search' module completes the integration of CERN Search service as backend technology for the Drupal infrastructure hosted sites.

In order to use the module, go to your site administration -> modules menu, enable 'CERN Search index tools' , then visit module help page for detailed description.

For more information please see:



Jarosław Polok for Drupal Admins.



Hi Dan,

not exactly even the long term idea is what you says(search content controlled by site administrators).

Let me explain it a bit, by default all Drupal sites are crawled using the CERN Search web crawler that allows only idnex anonymous content, this was the first iteration proposed several months ago.

Now we applied the second iteration on the CERN Search integration. The mid term idea is to stop the web crawler and only use this module to index well structured data. But we don't want to force users to change it inmediatly, so that's why by default the index of content is disabled. That means that the Cern Search Index module won't send updates to CERN Search, but the web crawler will continue working on the site.

Once the module is enabled and the structured content is being indexed then the web crawler will stop to crawling the site and after a few days the web crawler content will dissapear from CERN Search and only the structured content will appear.

After that, if a user disables indexing the site on CERN Search then the content won't be accesible trough CERN Search.

This is the transition plan we created and I hope that solves your question.

If you have any other question please don't hesitate to contact me.

Eduardo Alvarez for Drupal Admins

Thanks for the clarification, Eduardo - good to hear about the roadmap for this. I would really like to be able to hide development and test sites from CERN search: having a 'hide this site from CERN search' would be useful for future iterations (although I guess the dev-status module's 'noindex' option effectively does this too).

Good work!

Eduardo will present the latest status of search to the October ENTICE meeting (although we don't have a date yet). He can expand further on this point at that time.



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