'cern' theme updates and color module

On Monday 8 July the Drupal admins are due to deploy changes to the 'cern' theme that I demonstrated during the last Entice meeting. One of the main features that users of mobile devices coming to Drupal sites using the 'cern' theme is a change in the main navigation function, which will look like this:

Following the theme update, site managers will need to save the appearance settings for their sites in order for color module to properly register changes. Failure to do so will result in a transparent nav bar like this:

Instructions for site managers

  1. Go to /admin/appearance/settings/cern
  2. Save the settings
  3. Clear the cache - admin/config/development/performance
  4. That's it

The mobile nav bar will take the same colour as the tab background.

I have issues with my site since the theme update, what can I do?

Please get in touch with me to discuss any issues. At worst I can help you to roll back to an older version of the theme with a local copy.

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