Drupal summit at CERN postponed

The Drupal summit at CERN is postponed - date to be confirmed. This is only the second Drupal summit planned in Europe and it was a challenge to gauge demand and set the appropriate format. After running research among those who had registered we found a mismatch between what the programme offered and what people were looking to gain from the event. Rather than go ahead with an event that didn't match expectations I decided to postpone the event and rework the programme to make this summit a successful event for networking and learning - I want this done right rather than done soon.

Apologies to those who already signed up for tickets - you should receive an email from me directly.  


New CERN Drupal theme available for limited testing

We've just got the first version of the new CERN default theme. It's not stable yet, but I'd welcome some help in testing it from a limited number of people. If you are interested in testing it in order to do a first bug sweep I'd appreciate the help - drop me a note.


New CERN Drupal theme meeting

If you are interested in hearing about the new CERN Drupal theme, join me and Mark and Alex (both from Mark Boulton Design – the team leading the new CERN website redesign): 10am Wednesday 14 December, room 60-3-22

Please drop me a note if you are planning to come along as space is limited and we may need to find a bigger room (if that's possible - I've not found one yet!).

The theme is not ready, but we can present the design rationale and show you some prototypes, and of course it will be an opportunity for you to give your feedback. We can also talk about the CERN core website redesign and show you ideas for the new users' page dashboard.


Send a Drupal greeting

Every year CERN creates a print Christmas card and an online, paperless version to send by email. To date the electronic card was a static image - although last years' had a bit of animation:

This year Silvia and Seb (in the graphic design section) created a Drupal version that allows you to create one with a personalised message. Please test it out - we'd like to iron out any wrinkles before announcing this on the users' page:

Comments directly to Silvia or via the comment form below please!


CERN Training

The CERN Drupal Infrastructure is now in place and training sessions on “Drupal” backed up by the CERN-Drupal Community will take place after the summer as organised by the CERN Training team.

These trainings will become part of the regular courses of the Technical Training software catalogue.

The “Drupal” trainings have been customized to the CERN environment (CERN themes and user management). There are different types of Drupal trainings depending on the level of expertise and objectives of the participants:

1)      Beginners: For everyone that would like an introduction to Drupal (no technical background required)

“Drupal in a Day” (1 day).

English or French. Mid September  2011.

Designed for: Web users who would like to learn about content management with Drupal.

Pre-requisites: basic knowledge on how to build web sites. Use and knowledge of Content Management system a plus. No previous knowledge of Drupal required.

Objectives: After the training the participant will be capable of starting to work with Drupal.,X_STATUS:4373,D


2)      Intermediates: Creating/editing sites, experimenting with modules.

This training will happen in January/February 2012.


3)      Advanced Webmasters: building department and service sites

“Drupal Site Building” (2 days).

English. Mid September 2011.

Designed for: Users who have been introduced to Drupal as well as those who want to deepen their Drupal knowledge and skills.

Pre-requisites: Experience with web development. Drupal in a day course attendance or equivalent knowledge of Drupal.,X_STATUS:4374,D



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