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I am involved in a project to rebuild CERN's core website on Drupal. There are all sorts of interesting issues to be negotiated, such as: who makes decisions, what the website should look like, what it should include (and not), and so on.

Now that the Drupal infrastructure at CERN is nearly in place, I hope to have designer/developers working on this project very soon. It is important during the work on the new website that changes to old websites - and the processes behind these changes - are clearly communicated, and that at certain times specific input from stakeholders is sought on the direction of the new site. To this end I have launched a blog:

For now it is just me, but when our designers are on board they will also use this space.

Go and have a look at the Change blog, and please do chip in if you have something to say. You can subscribe to the blog feed here:


CERN Profiles Displayname enabled on all Drupal 7 sites

Dear drupal site owners.

We have enabled the 'CERN Profiles Displayname' module implemented by Silvia on all Drupal 7 sites. As immediate effect you will now see the user Firstname and Lastname instead of login id of given CERN user.

To manage the module please go to /admin/modules page on your site and look for 'CERN Profiles - Display Real Name' module.

Thanks to Silvia for the work !

Jarek for Drupal Admins

Theme issues for D6 and D7 sites

A security vulnerability was reported yesterday for the CERNdefault (Drupal 6) and cern_default (Drupal 7) themes. In fixing the issue I created a few more (such as disappearing main menus on D7). Apologies if you experienced problems with one of your sites. Theme change management is perhaps something that we can discuss during a future ENTICE meeting?

News about Drupal 7 service

Hello all drupal site admins !

To keep you updated , here is some information about current status of upcoming drupal 7 service:

  • new infrastructure hardware: setup complete now.
  • new infrastructure software: setup almost complete (monitoring to be implemented).
  • new infrastructure site management scripts: 50% complete.
  • drupal 7 shib_auth (single sign-on shibboleth drupal authentication): functional (drupal roles assignments to e-groups works now!)
  • drupal 7 modules: most of the modules which were provided by us for drupal 6 sites are now available for dupal 7 (however many are still development versions)

Giving all the above, we will be able to start moving existing drupal 7 sites to new infrastructure soon: within a week probably (we will contact site admins proposing exact date and time). On the next ENTICE meeting we will present in detail news about the drupal 7 service, outlining new setup and feature.


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