Restructured 'cern' theme to go live on infrastructure

Following my last message about the 'cern' theme being available for testing I have asked the Drupal admins to push the rebuilt 'cern' theme to the Drupal infrastructure. This is currently scheduled to be done sometime on the week of 16 July.

Does this affect me?

If you are a site manager for a Drupal site that looks like this one below, then yes. Please read on.

The new theme comes with a number of bug fixes and updates. Notably:

  • IE7 is better behaved. The old 'staircase' effect of the main navigation is fixed, for instance.
  • Variations have gone, color module is in. Select link, text, background and navigation colours to make your site sing - notice, for instance how the Entice site uses a signature orange colour.
  • cern_base DNA. The new 'cern' theme has the same design base as the new CERN website theme, so you'll inherit a richer typography base and grids. It will feel more CERNy when the new core website is live.

What should I do?

If your site uses the current 'cern' theme then please be prepared to check it over once the theme has been upgraded. No action should be necessary on your part, but Silvia and I will be on standby to help you if you experience any unforeseen issues. The main difference you will notice is the altered typography, as seen on the Entice website now.

If you don't want your site to use the new theme, you can add a copy of the current theme locally to your site. Please drop me a note if you wish to do this and I'll talk you through it.

Not already using the 'cern' theme?

If you are using the 'cern_default' theme (our first Drupal 7 theme - the one with lots of whitespace) then you might think about upgrading now. The 'cern' theme has better support for a variety of devices and is actively maintained so that bugs will be worked on.

Entice site now using development version of restructured 'cern' theme

During the last Entice meeting I spoke a little about how we have been working to rebuild the 'cern' theme so that all the themes we are developing - including the new CERN core website - can share the same design DNA. I just switched the Entice site to this new architecture.

If you spot any bugs please report them here:

If you would like to try the theme on your own site before it goes live in the centrally-managed themes, please refer here:

Meeting with Dries Buytaert and Acquia Tuesday 22 May

18 May update: Note new timing and venue!

Dries Buytaert, Drupal's 'inventor' and head of Acquia, is coming to CERN next Tuesday afternoon. He's coming, along with Cyril Reinhard, Acquia's new lead in France, on a fact-finding mission to see what we are doing with Drupal here at CERN. The provisional agenda is:

  • pre-meeting: Discuss new CERN website challenges and postponed Drupal summit (Dan, Linalis, Mark Boulton Design)
  • 3pm - 3:15pm: The Drupal infrastructure at CERN (Jarek)
  • 3:15pm - 3:40pm: Acquia's large scale Drupal initiative (Dries)
  • 3:40pm - 4pm: Open discussion, questions (all)

If you'd like to come and join us at 3pm please sign up using this form: If you would like to present an activity / project during this meeting or set up a separate meeting with Dries / Acquia please let me know via the form. At the moment I have 513-1-027 booked but if there are lots of us I may have to find a new room, so please sign up and I'll let all participants know of any changes of venue.

Drupal summit at CERN postponed

The Drupal summit at CERN is postponed - date to be confirmed. This is only the second Drupal summit planned in Europe and it was a challenge to gauge demand and set the appropriate format. After running research among those who had registered we found a mismatch between what the programme offered and what people were looking to gain from the event. Rather than go ahead with an event that didn't match expectations I decided to postpone the event and rework the programme to make this summit a successful event for networking and learning - I want this done right rather than done soon.

Apologies to those who already signed up for tickets - you should receive an email from me directly.  


New CERN Drupal theme available for limited testing

We've just got the first version of the new CERN default theme. It's not stable yet, but I'd welcome some help in testing it from a limited number of people. If you are interested in testing it in order to do a first bug sweep I'd appreciate the help - drop me a note.



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