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CERN Search module - basic configuration

The goal of this tutorial is about learning how to index contents from a Drupal site in CERN Search. The intended scope is for users who never worked with the search module.

But before performing any action over configuration, it is needed to have the module installed. Log in to the Drupal site, and click on Modules. Enable the "CERN Search Index Tools" module. Once enabled, we can configure it.


Add a new role via e-groups to a Drupal site

Think: Is this a person, or is it a job that will continue after that person leaves? The latter: e.g. role = press officer.

First go to e-groups.cern.ch. Check if the group you want already exists before you create a new one. If it does, get the name. If it doesn’t, create new static group. e.g. press-office-editors

Back on your site, go to People>permissions>roles> add role Add the new name for the role, and THINK about which permissions that role needs.

How to show RSS icon for a views feed?

You want the RSS icon to appear automatically? You need to attach your FEED display to one of your page or block (etc) displays which are within the same view.

To do this:

In the FEED view, see Feed settingsand click on Attach to: Noneand select whichever of your previously created displays you want the icon to appear on (NB - you need to create other displays first if you haven't already done so).

Only then the RSS icon will be displayed on the page your feed is attached to.


Getting started

If this is your first time on Drupal, you will need some guidance to understand how your site is to be built. Gone are the days of html in Microsoft Frontpage...

You are strongly recommended to watch the screencasts provided by NodeOne. They provide a comprehensive, interesting and step-by-step overview of what you need to know to set up your site as a first-time Drupaler.



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