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ImageMagick toolkit


I’d like to get snapshots of the first pages of pdf files attached to nodes using PDF Preview module.

The module requires ImageMagick toolkit. I have ImageMagick module enabled, but it does not look enough to configure the toolkit. I get an error: “ImageMagick error 127: sh: convert: command not found”, and a message “ImageMagick is a stand-alone program for image manipulation. It must be installed on the server and you need to know where it is located. Consult your server administrator or hosting provider for details.”

Is it installed somewhere, can I get a path to the directory with ImageMagick convert binary? Or can it be installed?


Thanks in advance,


Dear Anastasiya,

Dear Anastasiya,


Unfortunately ImageMagick library is not installed on the Drupal infrastructure servers.

Could you please open a service request on service portal? so we can follow up and study the possible addition of this library into the infrastructure.

Best regards,

Eduardo in behalf of Drupal Admins

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