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CERN overwrite theme

How to install a CERN overwrite theme and where can I get it from?

I am developing a website on Drupal, and I need to change the footer (to merge two footer blocks into one). That's what I heard from CERN tech support: "If you want to modify the default CERN theme, you must install the CERN overwrite theme locally and then modify the css within that theme."

What is meant by "locally", on the website that I am working on, or I should create a copy on my machine (localhost) and then upload the changes to the website?

Thank you in advance!


Installing CERN overwrite theme

Hi Tatiana.

Sorry for the late response but I am on vacation. In order to install the 'CERN overwrite' theme locally you must mount your website's filesystem.

If you have a MAC go to Finder and then click on Go->Connect to Server. If you have a PC, right click on the Network icon and click on 'Map network drive'.

Use the url: https://<your_drupal_website_url>/_site/files

Then you need to have Git installed. If you have a MAC you need to install the Xcode tools and run them once (this will install Git for you).

If you have a PC then you need to download and install Git from here.

Then go to the themes directory and clone the theme by typing:

git clone cern_overwrite

In order to clone the theme you must be a member of either the it-dep-entice or drupal-users e-group.

You can visit the e-groups' page on and send a subscription request.

After you have successfully cloned the theme, go to your Drupal website and enable it under 'Appearance' menu.


Error when trying to clone cern_overwrite theme


I try to follow the 'recipe' above and get the following error:

git clone cern_overwrite

Cloning into 'cern_overwrite'...

Username for '': <username>

Password for 'https://<username>':

fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 500

I am a member of both the e-groups mentioned. I am trying to clone into the site Is there something/somewhere else I need to be signed up/configured?

Kind regards,

Katarina Sigerud

Themes moved to gitlab

Hi Katarina,

The URL has changed since our themes have been moved to Gitlab.

The new URL is: git clone cern_overwrite

The instructions of how you can install the CERN overwrite theme can be found here.

Kind regards,


Thank you, very helpful.

Just followed the same instructions to get started on my own theme. Since it is quite useful, how about making this post sticky (if that is an option)?

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