Indico feed not updating

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Indico feed not updating

Dear Sir/Madam,

On the page, there is a block showing an Indico feed for the category Yesterday a new event was added to this category, but the feed is not updating. I would appreciate if you could help me understand why that is.

Kind regards,

Katarina Sigerud

Indico feed settings

Dear Katarina,

Havea look at your Indico feed settings at:

and set the periodic import to 1 hour or less.

Also check your website's cache at

Make sure that both dropdown boxes are set to 1min.

After these changes clear all caches. Cron runs every 30minutes, so after that time you should see the new event.


Dear  Katarina,

Dear  Katarina,


I think the configuration of the Indico feed is only importing events from 01-06-2-16 until Today, that means that events in the future are not imported.
See config here:

I guess you might want to review this configuration and adapt the "End date" field in order to import future events, for example using +180d will import events 6 months in the future.


Hope that helps.

Best regards,


Indico feed now showing all entries

Dear both,

Thank you for your input, the Indico feed is showing all the entries now.



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