Chaging URL of an official website

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Chaging URL of an official website


Need help:

The title (and partly the substance) of a project has changed. Is it possible to change the URL of the project website? (such that new URL corresponds to a new title)

If yes - then how to to do this correctly?

Thanks in advance,

Anastasiya Safronava


Use Web Services portal

Hi Anastasiya,

you have two options:

  • either go to Web Services and create an alias: (this will just create a redirect so in your case might not be a solution),
  • Or create a new Drupal site with the desired URL, and clone the existing one over, using the site's admin panel ( From it, you can issue a clone from the original site. After the clone is done, you can work on your new site, with the right URL, and delete the old one.

Hope it helps!


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