How to import database of publications?

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How to import database of publications?

Hi all,

I need to have a list of publications in my website, ideally in the form of a table that is searchable and can be filtered for specific authors, keywords, etc. Currently I have a bibtex database, which i would like to import to create nodes. I tried to convert it to csv and use the feeds module, but the result is not so good,  because many entries have different fields or their fields are in different order.

I also thought of using something like the biblio module (

Any suggestions as to what would be useful in this case?

Importing with feeds

Hi Athina,

The only way to do that is with a view. You can add different kind of filters to the view. I don't know any other way of how to import data apart from the one that you have already mentioned. You have to create a content type with the fields that you want. Export your data from bibtex in a csv format and then import them with feeds by mapping them to correct fields of the node.
Also, the module that you mentioned it doesn't have a stable release (currently only a dev and a release candidate) and it is not covered by drupal's security advisor policy. You should avoid the use of such modules.

Kind regards,


Hi Sotirie,

Thanks for your help, I tried to use feeds again and I'm making some progress. I had to clean up my bibtex database to get the nodes imported correctly.

I agree that the biblio module isn't the best choice, so I'm not going to use it.



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