Installing CERN Overwrite theme

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Installing CERN Overwrite theme

First you need to mount your website's filesystem.

If you have a MAC go to Finder and then click on Go->Connect to Server. If you have a PC, right click on the Network icon and click on 'Map network drive'.

Use the url: https://<your_drupal_website_url>/_site/files

Then you need to have Git installed. If you have a MAC you need to install the Xcode tools and run them once (this will install Git for you).

If you have a PC then you need to download and install Git from here.

Then go to your website's themes directory and clone the theme by typing in terminal:

git clone cern_overwrite

In order to clone the theme you must be a member of either the it-dep-entice or drupal-users e-group.

You can visit the e-groups' page on and send a subscription request.

After you have successfully cloned the theme, go to your Drupal website and enable it under 'Appearance' menu.

Broken Link

Hello Sotirios and team,

Seems like the GitLab link is broken. No projects on the Web Team repository on GitLab either.
What do you advise?

Thanks in advance!

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