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Language Switcher Dropdown Module

I have the Drupal Language Switcher dropdown module installed, as well as Content Translation, but the behaviour is not really what I want.

The way it currently works, switching from one language to another changes the entire site to the new language (when it is available). That behaviour is fine if I have a significant amount of the content translated to at least one other language. However, for now, I only have one node translated. I would like for the switch to only appear on that one node and not on the other pages.

I can arrange this by configuring the block by hand, but the behaviour of switching the entire site, rather than just one node, remains. That is, the "fr" (French translation) appears up high in the URL ( and remains there when going to view other nodes. I would rather that the "fr" disappeared when going to nodes without translation.

I understand the philosophy of the switcher is just that. Switch the whole site to the prefered language, but show default content when that language is not available. The problem is that this raises expectations by the readers. They expect to see much more content in the other language. I'd prefer if this could just happen at the node level.

Is there another module I should be using to get that behaviour?




Language Switcher Dropdown Module Issue

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the late reply on this. Unfortunately I don't know if there is a way to switch only the node's language and not the whole site's.

Regarding your second questions for the Language Switcher Dropdown where it show French even if the node is not translated, I found out that there is an issue with the module.

Have a look here for more info

Apparently there is not a fix yet.


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