CERN Search Index Tools

Integration with CERN Search service for Drupal sites in order to send well structured metadata from the Drupal content to CERN Search service.

This module allows to index Drupal structured content in CERN Search. This well-structured content will provide more relevant results and enhanced refiner options when you search for Drupal content on CERN Search.

The module supports protected content indexing currently through the Permission "Permissions for content indexed into CERN Search" (Only roles configured on this permission will  be able to see the content of the site as results on CERN Search) (Not valid on 1.2 version, see next note)

Updated on 1.2 version: Now permissions are transparenly calculated, without an extra permission. This module supports the default Drupal permissions and integration with 'Content Access' module if advance node grants are used.

It also support Keywords and Taxonomies extraction from your content.

Anonymous url crawling is possible, allowing administrator also send to CERN search some interesting views or concrete pages (like front end).

Updated on 1.2 version: New CERN Search control tab for administrators when editing a node. This new tab will give a more detailed view of the status of the node on the CERN Search index. See image:


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Drupal 7.x

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