Drupal Site Lifecycle

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This document defines the policy and workflow for Drupal web sites run on the CERN IT Drupal Infrastructure.   The policy has been agreed within the framework of ENTICE community which brings together stakeholders to develop web content management, integration and exploitation solutions of CERN web sites.

CERN has 10,700 web sites based on a variety of technologies.  Drupal provides a powerful and flexible content management which is intended for use by experienced web masters to build professional sites with managed content.

The Drupal web site creation and retirement policy defines the workflows to ensure that user requests for Drupal web sites are consistent with the content management strategy of the department or experiment.

Creation Process

A user can request a Drupal web site by filling in a service desk request giving

  • The desired web site name
  • The purpose of the site
  • The site owner (if not themselves)
  • The role of the site (development, official production)

This request will be handled by the Drupal Infrastructure support team.

The support team will contact the department or experiment web authoriser for approval.  In the event of the request being approved, the site will be created and assigned to the site owner.

If the request is refused, the ticket will be closed with the suggestion to contact the web moderator for further discussions if required.  The ENTICE chairman can be involved for escalation if there is disagreement.

If there is no reply from the web moderator(s) within 3 days, it is handled in the same way as refused.

Deletion Process

The owner of a web site or the department/experiment representative can request a Drupal web site to be deleted via a service desk request.  The contents will be archived and kept for a minimum of 6 months.

Reassignment Process

The owner of a web site can request a Drupal web site to be re-assigned to a different person via a service desk request.

When a web site owner’s affiliation with CERN ends, the Drupal site will be assigned to their supervisor (as defined by the account management policies).   The supervisor can then assign it to an alternative owner. 

Content created by the web site owner will be re-assigned in the same way as for other users, i.e. the authorship of the pages will be set to the drupal administrator account but will remain published.

Web Authorisers

The web authorisers list will be published on the web services IT site.  It is based on those people performing this activity for the current web services such as Sharepoint.

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