Problem editing css of CERN Overwrite theme

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Problem editing css of CERN Overwrite theme

Hi all,
I'm having some trouble with the css of my drupal site. I edit in the css file located in _site/files/themes/cern-overwrite/css but after I save it, I don't see any changes taking effect. The CERN OVERWRITE 7.x-2.1 theme is enabled and I can make changes to it in Administration » Appearance » Settings » Cern overwrite.

What should I do to edit the css?

First thing to do after

First thing to do after modifying any module or theme is to clear caches, just go to Configuration->Performance

Also while testing and developing I would recommend to disable the following options on the same Performance configuration page:

-Compress cached pages

-Aggregate and compress CSS files

-Aggregate Javascript files


Hope that helps,



Thanks, Eduardo, it worked perfectly!

Problem persists

Hi again,

The solution worked at first, but now the problem appeared again. I cannot see my changes on the page, even if I clear the caches again. Any suggestions?



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