Indico Feeds


This module allows users to easily create event feeds from one or more Indico categories. Events can be filtered by start/end date or room name.

Attention: You will need an Indico API access key (and secret key when accessing protected events) that should be provided in configuration time. Go to yout Profile on Indico and then Settings and HTTP access.

Please note that the access key will be able to access the same events as yourself. For this reason, it is advisable that you use a service account whenever possible, as it wil prevent any errors in case your individual Indico permissions change.


Quick Guide

  1. Get an Indico API access key (and secret key, if you want to list private events) - don't forget to use a service account whenever possible;
  2. Under "Modules", make sure the "Indico Feeds" module is active;
  3. In the module configuration dialog, choose "Indico Fetcher" and fill in your API key (and secret key, if needed);
  4. Save the configuration and go to "Content" > "Add content". Select the "Indico Feed" type;
  5. A dialog should appear with the details of your query. Fill it with the IDs/timespan that you want to display (take the category ID from the Indico URL of your category);
  6. Save your feed, Drupal will import and display the data for you;
  7. If you want to add the list of events to a sidebar or any other part of the page, you can do it from the "Structure" area;


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