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My new website ( has recently replaced the old CAS website which existed under the same URL for a long time.

The old website was well indexed and search engines often give links to it in search output. On the new website URLs are not the same and as result 404 error occures frequently.

Redirect module allows to point from old URLs to the current location of content. But it as huge work to redirect all links one by one, since there are many files on the website.

Is there any more or less easy way to redirect most of old URLs to new ones? (Old website is kept as cas-archived.)


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If you can find some pattern in the urls, you might want to give a try to modules like Match Redirect


Another alternative might be using Rules modules with the "Drupal is initializing" event, here the recipe

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Thanks for your answer. Match

Thanks for your answer. Match Redirect seems to be a solution.

But my target URLs would include symbols, for ex. schools/zeuthen-2003?qt-school_information=3#qt-school_information. With Match redirect module they get encoded. How to avoid this?

(when using Redirect module - encoding does not happen)


Thanks, Anastasiya

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