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Roles and e-groups

I would like to allow members of an existing e-group to post/edit information for the site I'm developing. Is this the right way of going about managing roles and membership in these roles? How is it done?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Roles and e-groups

Hi Frank.

On your Drupal website go to people and then click on the prmissions tab and then on Roles and create a new Role.

Then go to e-groups website and create an e-group and add the members that you wish to give access to that Role.

Back to your Drupal website go to Configuration and then Shibboleth Settings.

Click on Shibboleth Group Rules tab and aAdd a new Rule.

In Shibboleth Attribute name enter ADFS_GROUP

In Value (reg exp) enter the name of the e-group you created like between ^ and $ (e.g.^e-group$)

Tick the Role that you wish to give to this e-group's members.

Check Sticky and then Apply.

That's it. Then you go to the People's page and edit the prmissions for that Role.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Sotirios, that

Thank you Sotirios, that worked like a charm!

need assistance


I need to do exactly the same as in post #1: allow some people to edit/add content on my website.

I followed steps from post #2, but it did not work. Could somebody help to find what i do wrong? These are screenshots of my actions:

1. created a static group

2. added a member (my google account to test)

3. created a role "Moderator" on my site

4. added new rule to Shibboleth Group Rules

When then i go to People and sort by role "Moderator" - there are no people under this role:

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Hi Sotirios,

Hi Sotirios,

When working with egroups, you need to use ADFS_GROUP. Could you please edit that in your post to avoid future issues? Thanks!!


Post Updated

Hi Sergio,

Thanks for spotting this!


Clear caches and relogin

Hi Anastasiya,

Try to clear the caches in prerformance and then sign out from your website and sign in again.

Then in People's page you will see yourself having two roles, both administrator and moderator.


no change after clearing cash

Hello Sotirios,

After having cleared cash and relogin i still do not see anybody with role Moderator.

I also added another person's CERN account to the e-group and he also does not appear with the role Moderator in People.

What else can i try?




Hello Anastasiya,

Hello Anastasiya,

When creating the Shibboleth group rule, don't use ADFS_IDENTITYCLASS. You need to use ADFS_GROUP. You can see in the description that this is the property where the egroups comes.

Once you cleared caches and logged in again, you will see yourself with moderator role.

Cheers, Sergio.

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