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dev-status module in production

The dev-status module is now available in the production service. This module helps keep your Drupal website under the radar until you are ready to reveal it to the world in all its glory:

  • Adds "noindex" meta tag to all pages so that your site is not indexed by crawlers
  • Adds styling to your site to make it clear it is under development
  • Restricts access to IP ranges

All these elements can be toggled on / off. Nice one, Silvia!

CERN Profiles Displayname enabled on all Drupal 7 sites

Dear drupal site owners.

We have enabled the 'CERN Profiles Displayname' module implemented by Silvia on all Drupal 7 sites. As immediate effect you will now see the user Firstname and Lastname instead of login id of given CERN user.

To manage the module please go to /admin/modules page on your site and look for 'CERN Profiles - Display Real Name' module.

Thanks to Silvia for the work !

Jarek for Drupal Admins

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