CERN Search module - basic configuration

The goal of this tutorial is about learning how to index contents from a Drupal site in CERN Search. The intended scope is for users who never worked with the search module.

But before performing any action over configuration, it is needed to have the module installed. Log in to the Drupal site, and click on Modules. Enable the "CERN Search Index Tools" module. Once enabled, we can configure it.


Please note that while the module itself is enabled, the indexation of contents is not, so it is needed to check the option to enable the indexing. If after having sent contents to CERN Search this option is unchecked, the contents will be deleted in Search.


Once the indexation is enabled, several options appear. Only the basic one is covered, because it is the most important to export the bulk of the contents.

It is time to choose what kind of data is indexed. If all of the "content types" are selected, CERN Search will index all of the site's nodes. If only "Article" is checked, only nodes with content type "Article" will be sent to CERN Search.

And remember that sending contents to CERN Search does not make those contents publicly searchable and visible. If the content are already protected in the Drupal site, they will be protected with the same permissions when someone performs a search.


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