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Customised search page/block

An excellent views-based search page or block, free-text search, filters etc. Example at https://cathdev.web.cern.ch/extended-search

See http://nodeone.se/en/customized-search-page for screencast.

Note: to create a search block: in the View, click 'Advanced" and find 'Exposed Form". Select "yes" for "exposed form in block?". This then creates a block you can place anywhere, like a regular block.

Getting started

If this is your first time on Drupal, you will need some guidance to understand how your site is to be built. Gone are the days of html in Microsoft Frontpage...

You are strongly recommended to watch the screencasts provided by NodeOne. They provide a comprehensive, interesting and step-by-step overview of what you need to know to set up your site as a first-time Drupaler.


Setting up multi-lingual sites

This is a guide to setting up multilingual sites from the viewpoint of a site-builder using Drupal's out-of-the-box options. The following is based on what worked for me, using Drupal 7 and standard CERN infrastructure. Guide started June 2012, using the 'old' CERN theme. I'll update this guide as I uncover more things with the new (late 2012) theme, and notes using other themes.


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