Profile generation for e-group members

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Profile generation for e-group members


we would like to create one scrollable page with several profiles on it. The profiles should be generated from e-groups (e.g. Current Members, Alumni, ...). All profiles of a certain e-group should have the same format including some information like Name, E-mail, ... and a picture. This needs to be defined by us.

The users should be able to edit their own profile and give the predefined information by filling in the fields defined by us.

Is this actually possible?

I am new to drupal, so advice on how to achieve this is of course highly appreciated.

Thank you,




Hi Stefan,

I think you can do something like that with LDAP module. Others have implemented similar things. Have a look at:

I hope this helps.

I would not recommend this

I would not recommend this for a long term website since the ldap module will never be migrated to Drupal 8.

For Drupal 8 I've tested the ldap module but the users are imported as Drupal user accounts, and therefore doesn't work well with our infra and the SSO module.

The ideal would be to implement a Feeds ldap importer, that can import ldap data into any content type, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything similar on the contrib modules.

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